Chicago Step

Harvey Dobbs
Harvey Dobbs

Taught by Harvey Dobbs

Stepping aka "steppin")-- is a social dance done in time to music that occurs on a steady 'downbeat.'  The ability 

to take steps to the downbeat and still come back in time with your partner is widely recognized as 'steppin'.   The dance includes a lead and follow position and thus to be well executed requires physical interaction between the individuals.  Various turn patterns, footwork and pulls are all inclusive elements of the dance." 

Source: National  Association of Steppers Advisory Board,© 2007.


Chicago-Style Stepping, or steppin', has its roots embedded in the traditional African American originated dance movements of Lindy Hop, which evolved into Swing Dancing.  Chicago-Style Steppin has gained popularity, particularly, but not limited to the urban neighborhoods of American.  Chicago-Style Stepping makes reference to other urban styles of dance found throughout the United Stated larger enclaves in cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore and Washington D.C.       Source:


Chicago Stepping is a dance that is taught on a number system, so if you can count, you can learn this dance.  We teach the 8 count method (1,2,3  4,5,6  7,8)  and/or 6 count (1,2-step, 3, 4-step, 5,6 and repeat).