Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.  If you have a questions that hasn’t been answered here, feel free to contact us.


1. What styles of dance do you offer? – In addition to the fitness classes for Zumba and Aerobic Line Dance, we offer Urban Line Dance Hustle, Detroit Style Urban Ballroom, Chicago Step,  and Latin Hustle.

2. Do I need to bring a partner? – No, bringing a partner is not required.  In all social dance classes, we rotate so you do not need to bring a partner.  If you do come with someone and wish not to rotate, simply inform the instructors and you will not be required to rotate.

3. How long is a class? – Classes are 1 hour in length.

4. What kind of attire do I wear? – Casual attire or whatever makes you comfortable without being offensive.

5. What kind of shoes do I wear? – Any shoe with a smooth sole will suffice.  Athletic shows with rubber sole are not recommended, for the social dance classes, as they will tend to stick to the dance floor.  As you progress you might consider acquiring ballroom shoes for social dance classes.  Athletic shoes can be worn for the Zumba and Line Dance classes.

6. What are the ages of students attending your classes? – For fitness classes, ages 15 years and up.  For all social dance classes, the age is 18 years and up.

7. Can I watch a class before I attend it? – Yes

8. May I videotape a class? – Yes

9. How long will it take for me to learn to dance? – This depends on each individual.  Attending classes on a regular basis and practicing are big factors in determining how long it will take.  Private lessons can also reduce the amount of time required to become confident in your dance abilities.

10. What happens if I miss a class? –  Missing a class isn’t an issue for any of the fitness or line dance classes.  Missing social dance class can limit the progress of the student.  We recommend taking a private lesson, if more than a single class is missed during any of the social dance class sessions.

11. Do you offer any specialized training? – Private lessons can be arranged for Line Dance Hustles, Urban Ballroom, Chicago Step, Graystone and Salsa.

12. How do I sign up for classes? – Signing up for classes happens on site, prior to the start of any class. Check the Class Schedule for time and dates.

13. Do you offer discounts? – Yes, discounts are offered when the student attends multiple classes on the same day, or when paying in advance for classes that have 6 weeks sessions.  Groupon is offer for the Zumba fitness classes.  Punch Cards are available for all other dance classes.

14. Can I pay when I get there or should I pay in advance? – Yes, payment can be made on arrival and is required prior to the start of class.  Students can purchase Punch Cards in advance in cash or by credit card.

15. Do you accept credit cards? – Yes credit cards are accepted.


16. How can I avoid getting dizzy performing a full turn(s) while dancing? - To avoid getting dizzy when you execute turns, make sure that you spot. 

Spotting is a technique used by dancers during the execution of various dance turns. The goal of spotting is to attain a constant orientation of the dancer's head and eyes, to the extent possible, in order to enhance the dancer's control and prevent dizziness.

As a dancer turns, spotting is performed by rotating the body and head at different rates. While the body rotates smoothly at a relatively constant speed, the head periodically rotates much faster and then stops, so as to fix the dancer's gaze on a single location (the spotting point, or simply the spot). Dancers will sometimes focus on an actual visual spot if one is available (e.g., a light or other object), but if no suitable object is available they will attempt to end each head rotation in a consistent orientation. The spotting point may be another dancer, in which case the spot may move.  From Wikipedia.