DWE  New Beginnings


Committed to serving our Community!

Throughout her life, Sherry has always had an interest in some form of exercise; whether it may have been walking, bowling, or working out . However, dancing was a passion that she has had for quite some time. The technique of moving the body in different styles of dancing was essentially a form of art, which she found very captivating. That is why this direction in which her life is moving into with respect to dance does not surprise many at all!

Several years ago, Sherry was invited by a friend to attend a Ballroom class taught by Calvin Sibert AKA Mr. Smooth. She continued dancing under his direction and later became an assistant. Mr. Smooth and his wife, Jackie have been more than an inspiration to her. They have always presented themselves in a professional manner and were consistent in their style of teaching. Sherry is truly thankful to the both of them for making such an impact in her life.

During her time as an assistant, she was completing her business degree and found juggling the two somewhat intense. Therefore, she decided to put dancing on hold until she completed her degree. In the meantime, she continued to go dancing when time permitted to "stay on her toes"! Often, her and her dance partner were asked if they taught Ballroom dance.These inquiries continued to peak her interest and forced her to give it a try.

Since that time, Sherry has branched out into teaching Ballroom in group settings, private lessons, Line Dance Hustles (both casual and aerobic style) and Zumba Fitness classes.

As a result of hard work and dedication, Sherry recently opened her own health & fitness dance studio. - A place to come and experience dance, exercise, fun, and a way of meeting new friends!

Sherry gives a heart-filled thanks to her family and faithful students who have supported, trusted and believed in her vision along this journey!